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Allison C.
Brooklyn, New York, United States
Carnegie Mellon University - Pittsburgh PA
Interests: (97)
accessory, agonoize, ant-zen, anthropology, art, beatmatching, beatmixing, bettie page, big boots, body modification, boston terriers, bunnies, caffeine, cats, chicago, chiho aoshima, chocolate, clothing design, clubbing, coffee, converter, cooking, cosmetics, crafts, cupcakes, curry, cute things, cyber clothing, cyborgs, dancing, debating, decay, diy, djing, ebay, ebm, education,, evils toy, feindflug, front line assembly, hamtaro, horror, hr giger, indian food, industrial, invader zim, jewelry making, junko mizuno, karate, kissing, kryolan, learning, lingerie, lip service, m.a.c., makeup, military fashion, new rock boots, new york city, numark, optimism, painting, piercings, pin-up girls, pittsburgh, plastik wrap, polymer clay, porcelain skin, post-apocalyptic, power noise, powernoise, psychoanalysis, psychology, rabbits, radio, reading, robots, sewing, sincerity, social work, spanking, stomping, sushi, tactical sekt, tanks, thai food, urban decay, urban living, vegetarianism, washington dc, wrct, writing, x marks the pedwalk, xotox,, zombies

♥ I've been DJing since 2002. I was a regularly appearing guest DJ at Alchemy (Washington, DC) and former host of Cyborg Nursery on WRCT. I've also DJed in Chicago (NEO, Indoctrination Noise Festival, etc), Pittsburgh, PA (Ceremony, Empire) New York, NY (BYTE), and more. I'm all about industrial (both current and oldschool), hard EBM, electro, and anything that catches my ear.

♥ I make cute things. Check out Gearbunny, my Etsy store!


♥ My journal is boring and you probably don't want to add me. If for some odd reason you do, at least say hello so I know who you are.

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User Number: 7499045
Date Created:2005-06-21
Number of Posts: 214

Allison is a cat who enjoys the tough, industrial, and morbid, as well as the cute and squishy. She is a student, DJ, and artist. She plans for a career in psychology.
Strengths: Creative, patient, smiley, easygoing, sincere
Weaknesses: Sushi, cake, bunnies, kitties, napping, cuddling
Special Skills: Karate ninja whupass, DJing prowess, English skillz
Weapons: Green eyes, side blade kick, large vocabulary, Google
Motto: Pain is weakness leaving the body.

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"Without love, without anger, without sorrow, breath is just a clock... ticking."

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